DEMO:10th Registrar Survey 2011


Dear Colleague, 

Thank you for agreeing to participate in the 10th National Registrars’ Questionnaire. This questionnaire is aimed at all SpRs and StRs in the medical specialties: those in full-time posts, flexible trainees, ACFs and also those in out of programme experience. Please complete those sections relevant to you.

As those at the coalface of training, your views and experiences are invaluable and will be used by us to improve your quality of training - this is your chance to have your say and influence our actions

Your responses will be treated in total confidence and the questionnaire will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Please take the time to express your views, whatever they may be. 

With sincere thanks for your help, and best wishes, 

Dr Andrew Goddard, Director of Medical Workforce Unit, Royal College of Physicians London

Dr Nicki Colledge, Education and Training Lead, Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh

Dr Colin Perry, Director of Medical Education and Training, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Glasgow