Messages of condolence for Her Majesty The Queen
21 April 1926 – 8 September 2022

The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) is saddened at the death of its Visitor, Her Majesty The Queen.  

The RCP was established in 1518 following a successful petition from King Henry VIII’s personal physician Thomas Linacre. Halsbury’s Laws of England explain that if no other Visitor is appointed to a charity founded by the Monarch alone or with another private person, the Monarch and successors are Visitors – so the Kings and Queens of England have always been the RCP’s Visitors. 

Andrew Goddard, president of the Royal College of Physicians, said: ‘This is a time of great sadness for the country and for us here at the RCP and our members all over the world. We have been honoured to have Her Majesty The Queen as our Visitor for more than 70 years. Many of our members work in hospitals the Queen visited during her long reign, some of which bear her name, and, like us, they will no doubt reflect on the interest she showed in their work, the support she gave to our health service and the joy she brought to those colleagues and patients fortunate enough to meet her.’ 

We are collecting messages of condolence at the RCP at Regent’s Park, London, at The Spine, Liverpool, and online. 

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