This checklist has been created as an auditing tool to assess the quality of an e-discharge summary. The tool forms part of a learning resource designed to support people who are new to writing discharge summaries. 

As well as assessing the quality of an e-discharge summary, completion of the checklist aims to help the user to learn what makes an e-discharge summary most useful and effective, as a critical transfer-of-care document for a patient throughout their journey between health and care services.  

Some questions in this checklist may be difficult to ascertain but may serve as a prompt to recognise points of importance or ideal working practices for the discharge summary.

The checklist has been informed by the PRSB E-discharge summary standard and through a consultation process with representative recipients of e-discharge summaries. 

Please note: do not provide any patient identifiable data within this checklist 

This work has been led by the Health Informatics Unit at the Royal College of Physicians.

Before you start, are you completing this audit checklist for a discharge summary written before or after the author had completed the e-discharge summary training?

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