Consultation on a new strategy

The senior officers, chief executive and directors are developing a four year strategic plan, for 2021-24, on behalf of our trustee board, and we want everyone who has a stake in the future of the RCP to help us. The first step is to agree our vision, mission and strategic priorities.

Our vision sets out what we want to see in the world. Our mission explains what we think our role is in making that a reality. And our strategic priorities determine how we focus our activities and resources to achieve that mission.

For 2021-24 we are working on the principle that ‘less is more’: reduce the quantity to improve the quality. Every organisation runs the risk of trying to do too much, and when it comes to health and care there is so much we could do. But we need to keep focused on what the RCP is uniquely able to do.

Key to these plans is the opening of RCP at the Spine, Liverpool during  2021. We will transition from being a college with one headquarters and a regional network across the UK, to being a college with two main sites in London and the north, and a regional network. We will use our status as a key partner in Liverpool’s knowledge quarter to make an impact locally and regionally. And we will maximise the opportunities open to us from medical, scientific and research partnerships in the north of England.

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